This past month has been both exciting and tiring! Not only did I finish up my last semester of seminary and graduate on May 24th but I also then had my final examination for ordination in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) before the Pittsburgh Presbytery. I passed, in case you were wondering!

Right after that, I stuck around in Indiana, PA looking at housing. I’m thankful to say we made an offer on a house two weeks ago and we are in the process of closing on it. However, we’ve quickly learned that buying a house is not an easy task.

The firehose of new information continued at RUF Orientation this last week. That being said,  I’m happy to say that the orientation was an incredibly encouraging and energizing experience. I was very quickly reminded of why I’ve wanted to work for RUF for so long. All the RUF staff leading the orientation were very pastoral in their approach. We began each day with a devotional that applied Scripture to the unique experiences and difficulties of starting out as a campus minister. However, the training was not only pastoral but very practical. We had seminars on topics such as support-raising and the particular challenges facing those taking over existing works or new works. RUF also addressed necessities such as health insurance, taxes, retirement, etc. These talks were so helpful that I recorded many of them and took copious notes.

I also appreciated meeting all the other campus ministers starting new or taking over existing RUFs all over the country. Many of them I already knew from assessment last summer and it was great to continue to get to know and encourage each other as we all seek to go out onto university campuses around the country to reach students for Christ. Coming away from training, I’m very encouraged and thankful that the LORD has directed my steps towards serving with RUF.

Now I’m back in Philadelphia and trying to hit the ground running. If you are reading this, here are four things I’ll be praying for and I would love for you to join in me in prayer for. 

  1. Pray that I would pray more and more. I’m already experiencing a renewed sense of my need for the LORD but pray I’d continue to be joyfully disciplined about seeking him even when I’m tired and distracted with all that needs to get done.
  2. Pray for RUF at IUP’s financial support. Pray that God would provide what RUF at IUP needs to be fully-funded so that we will be able to focus on reaching IUP students for Christ and equipping them to serve. Pray God would move people to joyfully give for the sake of God’s kingdom and for those who are “harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Matt 9:36).
  3. Pray for everything to come together with the house we are buying and our move in July. We are having to learn a lot quickly but thankful for the ways God has already provided. Pray we would continue to make wise decisions especially as this process is all very new to us!
  4. Lastly, pray for Kim and our first child due to be born August 14th. We are thankful for a healthy pregnancy so far and we pray that would continue! Pray also for the LORD to prepare our hearts and minds for the new responsibility of being parents.


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