This quote from my bible study preparation this week was so good I had to share it!

“Mark 8:27–9:1 is a continental divide between the first and second halves of the Gospel. It unites Christology and discipleship in a unique and symbiotic relationship. It teaches that a proper confession of Jesus involves a new understanding of discipleship. When believers confess who Jesus is, they also and inevitably confess what they must become. Jesus is not an objective datum that, like a rock under a microscope, can be observed and examined in supposed neutrality. The statement “ ‘You are the Christ’ ” (v. 29) imposes a claim on the one who says it. The Son of Man calls those who would know him to follow him” – James R. Edwards, The Gospel according to Mark, The Pillar New Testament Commentary

Pray IUP students would both confess who Jesus is and realize the claim that confession has on their lives!

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