David Augustine

David is a PA native who grew up in Bucks County north of Philadelphia. Growing up was a mix of east coast and midwest with regular travels to center city Philly and the Jersey shore along with a yearly family vacation to visit family in South Dakota. David was blessed to grow up in the church as well as be a part of RUF during his time at Pitt where he got his undergrad degree in neuroscience. After working for a year as a research lab technician he felt called to vocational ministry and moved to St Louis where he attended Covenant Seminary. While in St Louis David was an intern at South City Church under Dr. Mike Higgins and did adult-ed, youth group, neighborhood outreach, congregational care, and some preaching.

Outside of ministry, David loves doing just about anything outdoors, will get competitive about almost anything, and loves cooking, consuming, and giving away food. David is excited to be working for RUF and is particularly excited about being IUP so that he can serve, equip, and reach out to students there.

Why College Ministry?

RUF was formative for me during my time at the University of Pittsburgh. It gave me community, nourished my faith, and helped me grow as a friend and leader. As a result, one reason I want to serve in RUF is to give to others what I myself received. Along with that desire, I love the questions that being in college often forces us to ask of ourselves, our surroundings, and of God. Those questions, along with the deep longing for community and belonging, make college ministry fun to do as well as rich soil do to ministry in.