There are considerable benefits to being linked to a particular denomination. Chief among these is the stability that comes from a well-established body: stability in practice and in doctrine. One is not left wondering what slant the next person will take, or if the latest initiative is not just the most recent fad. The chief difficulty lies in avoiding the narrowness that can come with such a close tie.

We are very fortunate to be a part of the Presbyterian Church in America, a rapidly growing conservative denomination, characterized by unusual openness to cooperation with other groups while firmly maintaining its doctrinal integrity. Reformed University Fellowship is the campus ministry arm of the Presbyterian Church in America and is accountable to it. Although our accountability is to a Presbyterian body, our scope is far from being limited to that one group. Since our focus is on reaching students for Christ, we minister to students from every sort of background. Our goal is not to fill Presbyterian churches, but to see students saved and growing in the Lord, in whatever church God places them.